Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome to Dead White Guys!

So you've stumbled upon the think-tank for the classical show on WCBN FM Ann Arbor, Dead White Guys! Let me answer some questions that you probably have:

Why did you call it Dead White Guys? What kind of name is that?
Take a look at the demographic for classical music composers. Most are white males that have been dead for at least a century. Thus the name.

What kind of classical music do you play?
Literally anything. In the spirit of WCBN's freeform policy, we pride ourselves in finding underrated classical music, and forcing your ears upon it. The hosts of the show all have vastly different tastes as well, so you'll get a well-balanced diet of classical music over the course of a few shows.

How do you play the music?
Any and all formats. Mostly CDs and vinyl, with an occasional raid of the internet, and our personal libraries. We try to give you the highest quality possible though, at all times.

Why should I listen to you? You sound lame.
Well, if you like WCBN, then you'll probably like us, even if you think you don't classical music. If it makes you feel better, sometimes we hate classical music too, but there's too much good classical music for you to miss it, so just listen, OK?

OK, so what if I wanted to. How do I listen?
Easy, just listen to WCBN (88.3), or go to WCBN and listen live from 6-9am every Sunday morning. And you can even call in at (734) 763-3500 to give us suggestions on what we should play, so now you have no excuse.

Let's party like it's 1769.
Now that all of that's covered, go listen to the station.

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