Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Event: NIME Conference 2012, Concert 2

Energy and attention waning a bit, I'm thankful at the moment that the profusion of media on the Internet can give me an excuse to neglect the play-by-play of last night's concert.  Instead, you can experience, at home, in your dressing gown, the program yourself through the magic of videos and links.  Commentary, if coming at all, will come later.

Of Dust and Sand – Per Bloland

Jack Walk – Scott Deal

Desamor IRoberto Morales-Manzanares
 No media available for this one, but my Wii reference in the last post came true!  RMM had strapped to each arm a Wii controller, used to modify sounds played on and in the piano, through the microphone, and brass singing bowl.

Flue – Bill Hsu

Vocalise – Sergei Rachmaninoff, Medley – Brian Wilson (arr. for theremin cello)
Thought.ProjectionRobert Alexander, David Biedenbender, Anton Pugh, Suby Raman, Amanda Sari Perez, Sam L. Richards

Check out their website, which includes video, at  This particular performance does deserve a description, especially for its spectacular projection work, but later.

Eigenspace – Mari Kimura, Tomoyuki Kato

Where Are You Standing? – Bongjun Kim, Woon Seung Yeo

The version performed last night differed from this in two ways.  First, instead of the performer's icon chiming when having located a target performer, it is the target performer's icon chiming at having been located.  Second, the stage environment was blocked into concentric rings like a bulls-eye, also projected on the board.   Each of those rings corresponded to a tone, a drone activated when the performer stands in it, so that absolute position mattered to the overall background sounds as well.  If I remember correctly, the outer rings were higher pitched and the center lower.  

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